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You are the owner of a travel accommodation?

Did you know that having an interesting location is now one of the most crucial factors when making a booking decision?

90% of bookers are willing to pay more to stay in a more interesting neighborhood.Nov. 2017, Amadeus Ventures
25% of travellers say they expect in-depth knowledge of places to visit from their hosts2018, Booking.com
Travel websites will propose not only personal tips and advice but also, they will need to propose a concierge service, so as to provide the best possible user experience2016, Expedia

Providing great & up-to-date destination content on your website is not an option anymore. It is an imperative. And it should be done in a way that reflects your customers expectations.

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The fastest & easiest way to provide meaningful, inspiring & up-to-date travel content directly on your accommodation’s web page

  • All-in-one html add-on for your website
  • Easy to install & customize
  • Fully automated
  • Focus on relevant touristic & cultural locations near your accommodation
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Why should you install the itinari Kaleidoscope now?

A very qualitative & inspiring local content written by passionate professionals

All the praticals for their activities within a click reach

A content available in 7 different languages for an optimal reading experience

Increases the likelihood of conversion from visitors to hosts

Makes you save a great deal of time in website managment

Increases the overall level of services for your hosts

The easiest way to answer effortlessly a growing need

The tool is very easy to install. And, more importantly, the content is original... and relevant!
Ingrid V. - Owner of the the Ferme de la Blanche Fontaine
Ingrid V. - Owner of the the Ferme de la Blanche Fontaine

Install the kaleidoscope now, and use it on your site for FREE!

Don’t wait any further to make your life easier, and instantly benefit from all the functionalities of the itinari Kaleidoscope. The installation is totally free for the 100 first requests in each country.

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* the free installation provides unlimited usage of the current functionalities of the itinari Kaleidoscope

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Still looking for answers?Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions...

How much does it cost?

The product is totaly free for the 100 first requests in each country.

Do I have to commit to anything?

There is no commitment whatsoever. You can add or remove the Kaleidoscope whenever you like. If you have suggestions for improvement, feel free to send them to hi@itinari.com.

How can I insert the itinari Kaleidoscope on my website?

By easily integrating a few html lines in the source code of your website. The only specific parameters you'll need to input are the coordinates of your accomodations, as well as the chosen language.

Can I decide what content will be displayed in my Kaleidoscope?

Right now, it is fully automated. Content is chosen based on the geolocalization of your accommodation. It is directly sourced from our catalogue of places and stories. In a later phase, you will be able to decide on whether you want to hide or add specific contents.

In what languages is the Kaleidoscope content available?

Our content is available in seven languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Dutch.
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Free installation & unlimited use of the itinari Kaleidoscope for our 100 first users*